Teaching English has been a passion for ten years now.  It has given me a great exposure by working with kids and adult learners of language over the years and enrich me with innovative methodologies to teach English language as a language not as a subject.  I have been training adult learners on Communicative English, SAT, IELTS, TOEFL, PTE and kids on IGCSE syllabus.  I have been trained by the British Council to teach IELTS.  Currently, as a speaking examiner for Cambridge’s BEC (Prelims and Vantage), have assessed 150+ students and training them on how to improve their scores.  I am an online tutor for English language and exam preps who has handled more than fifty students on various courses related to English language.   The venture to form a company which aims at training kids overseas on academics and help them score better grades through digital platform and online monitoring system.  The system ensures the effective delivery of academics and aims to reach larger pool of students desperate to receive quality training.  We hope to serve better with a promise to deliver the best.